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Dad’s Enlistments and Extensions

I have listed my father’s five (5) enlistments and four (4) extensions that I’ve found in his military record.

Iraklion AS, Crete, Greece

I have quite a bit of memories from this island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. If my dates are correct (probably not), we lived there sometime around 1967 to 1969.

USAFSS: An Enlisted Command

I found a VERY GOOD article written by SMSgt James S. Duncan when he was a student at Senior NCO Academy in 1997. It is titled “United States Air Force Security Service: An Enlisted Command.” It really helped understand more about what my Dad did. The USAFSS was very unique in how it was composed and the responsibility given to these enlisted men. I think you will enjoy reading this article.

Dad holding Me in Okinawa

That’s my Dad holding me in Okinawa where I was born. This was my Dad’s first duty station after completing Radio Intercept School in Keesler AFB, Mississippi. Dad was assigned to the 6927th RSM at Onna Point.

Radio Intercept Operators

I found a really interesting paper written by SMSgt James M. Houle who was a SNCOA student in February of 1996. The title was “Essay on Morse Code Operators in the Air Force.” It gave some good explanations of what my Dad probably did early on in the USAFSS.

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Updates to Duty Stations

I am slowly and methodically finding all the information I can about my Dad’s service in the USAF Security Service. As I get more information, it will be added to the applicable DUTY STATION section.

UPDATE: The records I received from the National Personnel Records Center on my father and the documents and pictures I scanned in from a visit to Mom and her records from Dad are now all uploaded to flickr and have links to them in each of the DUTY STATIONs.As of 01 August 2009, I completed updating all the DUTY STATION sections with these new images and documents.