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Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne – Darmstadt, Germany

Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne was, I believe, an Army base where 6911th RGM was a tenant organization. Again, I’m not sure what my Dad did here but thanks to Red Barthel, I’m a little more familiar. He provided a nice PDF file on Darmstadt and what USAFSS was all about in Darmstadt. You can read the PDF at the link below:

Darmstadt Story

Thanks, Red!


255 comments for “Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne – Darmstadt, Germany”

  1. looking for my dady 1960 cfc

    Posted by frank schaffner | July 31, 2016, 1:57 pm
  2. Willie,

    I also came from Shiroi to Darmstadt — in March 1959, ran the theater 1958-59 and played BB for Easy in 60-61. Surely our paths crossed. I worked radioprinter


    Posted by amos Keith | July 31, 2016, 8:02 pm
  3. Amos seems like I remember your name but can not put a face with it.

    Posted by Willie Pontiff | August 1, 2016, 3:15 pm
  4. Reading some of your comments I think my father, George Harold Barr may have been there the same time as some of you. I believe he also played BB and FB for the air force.

    Georgie Weber

    Posted by Georgie Weber | August 1, 2016, 3:36 pm
  5. I was in Darmstadt from 1960-1963. Your Dad, like all of us in the “silent service,” was a Cold War Warrior that contributed enormously to the defeat of the Soviet Union. The work we accomplished will forever be Top Secret, but you can get some clues from what you read about the NSA and DIA in the media. Be assured he was a true Hero.

    Posted by Al Smith | August 1, 2016, 3:41 pm

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